HorseGuards London Dry Gin


How do you take a trademark and an unpackaged product to the next level? We were asked to create a brand from the ground up. A high-end premium Gin, aimed at a more refined export market and a modern discerning audience of adventurous jet setters.

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Reviving a name

Horse Guards London Dry Gin is a historic brand name, brought back to life, that required a brand experience to support its elegant flavour and stature.

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Award winning brand & packaging design

International wine and spirit competition.

Design and media awards for brand and packaging design.

Social media content

Production of social media content 

Our solution

Creation of everything from brand to bottle.

Brand character, value and product proposition, along with a toolkit and full back story linking the Gin to its Household Cavalry roots 

This, along with finding partnerships to promote it.

We developed the brand foundations, visual identity, social media strategy, training kits, event stands and toolkits, award-winning product and packaging design, cocktail names, product shots and campaigns that helped link the Gin to it’s fun and adventurous British heritage whilst stamping its mark with imperious symbolic stature and luxurious notability.

Through the link to the Household Cavalry and its famous guards, who drank Gin profusely, got u to mischief, yet achieved aspirational greatness, The embodiment for this brand and campaign is Fred Burnaby, who achieved many heroic and valiant feats and truly embodies the “Spirit of Adventure”.

A brand driven by true British stories

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Event and marketing support

Bottle & packaging design

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A brand inspired

A brand story of depth a gravitas from the HorseGuards legend Fred Burnaby. ‘A bear of a man’ who during the age of enlightenment, went on many a daring do. The first man to balloon over the English channel, Burnaby’s adventurous spirit, pioneering achievements, and swashbuckling courage earned an affection in the minds of Victorian imperial idealists.

Brand and communications direction

Brand Guides, Cocktail names, Sales and marketing packs and AR apps plus much more.


Two IWTS awards for packaging and brand design.

Secured the next stages of funding and onward growth trajectory!