Tasked to digitally transform a company, brand, culture and processes.

And, at the same time, create a new type of presentation platform suite of applications that is supported by a set of sales and marketing tools.

The brand advert

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Our solution

Creation of a brand framework through the dissection of market research, internal and external qualitative research, alignment of internal brand and cultural visions.

The output of which is a creative strategy that includes vision, value propositions, character, values and even delivery criteria.

Enabling the production of a graphical and cultural language as a platform for growth and creative output. Production of all brand, marketing and sales items alongside all content.

Building a brand architecture

Building a brand comes from within. Understanding a passion and a vision as well as a culture.

It also requires alignment to an outside need. 

This requires a framework that people can understand and follow as well as believe and buy into that has proof.

Creating a showreel

Creating a platform that showcases and promotes what they do

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Creating a design language

Creating The Product

We defined the application ecosystem, branding and user experience, which allows businesses to design and control their marketing and sales presentations.

All with data analytics portal, securely through the apple store and android shop.

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First two awards won in the first year of the new brand. A brand that is loved internally and externally that crystallises services, processes and communicates clearly for new and returning customers.

Creation of a cultural platform for employee retention and acquirement plus a design language for marketing, sales and service activity.

Social media content

Production of social media content