VerseOne Group


VerseOne Group is a technology company that focuses on creating CMS solutions for the NHS and Social housing.

VerseOne Group is made of two active companies, namely VerseOne which provides the CMS systems and Vocoll which provides a chat interface to organisations.

VerseOne Group cares about its NHS and social housing clients. It wants to make a difference. this is why it was founded.

Point Blank was brought in to rediscover this passion and bring it out as a guiding ‘north star’ for internal and external leverage.

Our solution

A brand with a conscience.

Through a series of deep discovery sessions with the founder and chairman we uncovered the companies true essence and reason for existing. From this we could build out a brand story and a guide to culture and customer care to guide the business going forward.

We started with competitor and audience research to build a picture of the market place and our marketing approach. The brand architecture followed which provided a solution that balanced audience needs, business offering and allowed us to differentiate VerseOne from its competitors.

Brand architecture

The group identity

A brand born from care needs an identity that represents this warmth. At the very core is the beating heart of the identity system.


We created a core guiding principle. At the very core of the customer and brand experience is empowerment. Everything that Verseone Says and does should be based around this word. Whether it be to empower its internal staff or empower their customers through knowledge and guidance or through the products they produce.

Product identities

VerseOne Group web presence

VerseOne product design

CMS framework

At the very core of the VerseOne product offering is its CMS system. We designed a ‘base framework’ that meant the platform was functional and aesthetic straight out fo the box. This included the front end styling of the product along with the internal CMS interface itself

The product in action


Plymouth Private healthcare

Cerris Social housing

CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

UX consultancy

UX Consultancy and design direction

Point Blank was white labelled to run user experience workshops with multiple audience groups. the outcome of which would be a design specification that balanced design output between the needs of the end users, internal users and strategic requirements of the organisations.

Design specifications

Sales and marketing

Support and guidance

Point Blank was enrolled to help with pitches and produce sales and marketing materials to help educate the sales and accounts management teams.

This came in the form of sales tools and educational seminars on an approach that falls inline with the brand and its audiences

USP pack for sales team

Brand Stationary



Vocoll is the second active company within the group umbrella. Whilst the VerseOne CMS and technologies focuses on helping organisations manage and communicate their information outwards. Vocoll provides an interface for customers to interact with the organisation initially with chat.

We wanted to create a sub brand that felt like it was part of a family of products and that was  familiar but also retained its own identity. We achieved this through subtle borrowing of particular brand assets such as fonts and gradients.

Vocoll Web presence

Vocoll product design

Vocoll customer testimonials

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Customer experience and satisfaction increased by 80% for consultancy experiences, 110% for product experience and 150% from internal staff experience of the brand and culture.