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Information Security Campaign

The project

An information security campaign.

Prudential is an international financial services group who provide a wide range of retirement plans, saving and investment options as well as car and home insurance products. The task was to raise awareness of information security within the current brand framework.

Most information security campaigns are based around fear tactics and there is fatigue around fear based data messaging. We were keen to present messaging from a user focused vs business focused perspective in order to reflect on the positivity of the prudential brand. We explored the idea that cyber crime is not only targeting people at work but also at home, and that the two are intrinsically linked. We pushed and explored the outer limits of the Prudential’s guidelines to cut through visual noise yet retain brand synergy.

We created a tone of voice, messaging and visual style that stood out from surrounding visual clutter across digital, print and video channels.

Feedback showed that this concept explains simple facts that surprised individuals and led them to think twice about their choices when it comes to information security. Rather than force an action on the reader, the messages explored the ubiquity and harmful consequences of cyber crime in order to make people take notice, question how safe they are and whether their current actions do enough to protect them.

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